About NovumIP

In 2018 NovumIP was acquired by Novagraaf, a leading global IP law firm and services provider who recognised that the solution filled a much-needed technology void. Specifically, the need for a robust system that addresses IP professionals’ unique challenges and business issues through sophisticated data and content aggregation and analysis capabilities and streamlined mission critical workflows and processes.

NovumIP provides much sought-after efficiency enhancements in areas such as invention submission and invention management, IP reporting and contract management. In addition, it can act as a fully integrated IP document management solution. This is achieved by integrating into an organisation’s various systems and collating real-time data that is relevant to the IP department and its decision makers.

The NovumIP technology was developed to meet the requirements of major IP owners, which had established that its needs could not be satisfied by the solutions currently available in the market.

NovumIP in conjunction with Novagraaf continues to develop its solution for the benefit of its global customer base.