On 12 January 2018, NovumIP was acquired by Novagraaf, an international patent and trademark consultancy that advises clients on intellectual property strategy and management. With more than 300 professionals across 16 offices in 8 countries, Novagraaf works for innovative start-ups, for organisations operating at a regional or national level, and for multinationals with a global portfolio of strong brands and innovative inventions.

NovumIP's acquisition by Novagraaf was prompted by its ability to deliver modular technology solutions which meet rapidly evolving needs in a fast-changing business imperative.

NovumIP is a smart technology solution that allows IP departments to become efficient profit centres with the confidence to measure their performance against internal targets and external benchmarks. NovumIP does this by enabling IP departments to harness the power of their intellectual and trademark data through an appropriate set of Novum modules such as:

Invention Submission Management

  • Inventor Portal - to submit inventions
  • Idea Management - to manage the submission lifecycle
  • Idea review - to collate and decide on idea progression

Business Intelligence

  • Claim Charting - link ideas patents etc. to standards or companies
  • Declaration Management - manage licensing and revenue

IPR Management

  • Task management
  • Collections
  • Search
  • Audited approvals
  • Mobile access
  • Security and access controls
  • Links to published records
  • Integration

Reporting and Dashboards

Correspondence Management

Third-Party Access

The NovumIP website is now undergoing redevelopment. If you wish to know more about the NovumIP cloud-based IP management solution in the meantime, please contact: novumip@novagraaf.com.